600-900 width arcoPlus roofing systems

All forms of your imagination !

arcoPlus® polycarbonate’s mechanical qualities associated with many different finishing accessories allow for all sorts of configurations: flat, curved, wavy, radiant, suspended, …

arcoPlus® connectable translucent roofing systems offer a suitable solution for all roofing types, from 8 mm to 32 mm, arcoPlus® roofing system present different characteristics whilst retaining an identical visual effect when installed.
arcoPlus® range offers a unique visual.

Regardless of the observation angle, the rendering is seamless, without any deformation or ripple effect. The panels can be coated with an anti-glare finish upon request. The AR finishing provides a visual comfort whilst suppressing the “neon” effect” from the sun, as well as the internal light sources’ reflections which occurs under the roof.

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