POLYTOP 16 - POLYTHERM 40 : 200m² installed in one day !

A unique interlocking system, suitable for both new construction and refurbishment,
POLYTOP 16 & POLYTHERM 40 pre-assembled modules are prepared in factory and delivered on site ready to be installed.

Quick installation : 200m² per day for 2 people

Lengths :
POLYTOP 16 : up to 7m
POLYTHERM 40 : up to 6m

Various widths :
16mm : 620/720/1000mm
40mm : 630/730/1080/1230mm

Thermal performance :
POLYTOP 16mm - U=2,2W/m².K
POLYTHERM 40mm - U=1,0W/m².K

Thermally broken profiles (anodised or coated on request) for the POLYTHERM 40

Colours : cristal / opale

Optional treatment :
UV Matt
Infrared protection

Integration of vents and smoke extraction (louvers) openings modules tailored, delivered pre-assembled and installed as a standard module.

The maximum spans ensure the safety in case of accidental fall on site (PV 1200 joules)

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