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Poly-Pac, French technical agency of the manufacturer dott. Gallina, offers throughout France and UK the arcoPlus® systems, reference of Polycarbonate Architecture. Our solutions for facades, roofing, vaults and brises-soleil offer you the best of natural light, while providing ever more innovative and insulating solutions to your projects.

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Born in 2001 from the collaboration of specialists in plastics and the building envelope, POLY-PAC quickly partnered with the Italian manufacturer dott.Gallina to offer for France a range of systems of facades and roofings made with arcoPlus® and Policomp® polycarbonate panels.

Since 2014 POLY-PAC has been exporting its know-how in the UK

Real support as a technical design office, POLY-PAC develops in partnership with the CSTB all the Technical Application Documents (DTA) in France, and provides its expertise in the continuous improvement of systems by imagining new finishing profiles, or by optimizing the inertia of these solutions.

A human-sized company, POLY-PAC relies on a team of technical sales and regional business managers, a Research and Development department, and a team of order pickers, operating in a 4000m² building.

POLY-PAC also has a commercial entity and a workshop specialized in the study and manufacture of ventilation/smoke vents and vaults, POLIFORM France.


Discovered in the 1950s, polycarbonate is a polymer whose main characteristics are excellent mechanical properties and very good thermal resistance.

Benefiting from the progress made since these decades, polycarbonate, especially produced by the manufacturer dott.Gallina in Italy under the brands arcoPlus®, Policarb® and Policomp®, is now a highly technological, ecological building material, perfectly adapted to building projects RT 2012, HQE, BEPos ...

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Structure Savings

Because of its excellent mechanical performance, arcoPlus systems require fewer support elements, including horizontal structural beams, reducing structural costs and providing additional aesthetic gain.


The energy required to produce the arcoPlus® Policarb® and Policomp® plates is manufactured by the factory using solar panels. The systems once implemented perfectly meet the requirements of the HQE label (High Environmental Quality).

Thermal insulation

Always more efficient thanks to optimized cell dimensions or combinations of thicknesses, the thermal characteristics of polycarbonate ArcoPlus® are decisive factors favoring excellent energy efficiency.

UV protection

The UV protection of polycarbonate arcoPlus® has improved dramatically in recent years with ever-improving protective agents, like our exclusive UVTECH® finish, which extends the traditional ten-year warranty to 15 years.


The wide variety of thicknesses, colors and finishes of arcoPlus® polycarbonate allows you to play on light transmissions and solar factors to meet the constraints of each project.

Versatility of use

Its lightweight qualities and color ranges make polycarbonate arcoPlus® versatile, from the building envelope to the interior design.

Mechanical resistance

250 times more resistant than glass, and yet much lighter weight, arcoPlus® polycarbonate combines high impact resistance.


DTA (Technical Application Documents), Fire PV, Acoustic PV, PV Chocs provide a certified environment for the use of arcoPlus® polycarbonate.

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